Net Original Video Content – More Than A Trend

For many years it was enough for cable companies to redistribute the same content as the national TV networks and the same movies. That was until a company called HBO provided something different: original programs. By doing so they created series like Tales From The Crypt, Oz, The Sopranos, Sex and The City, Rome, Entourage or Boardwalk Empire and inspired a whole industry to follow their model. Even cable networks that were specialized in movies like TNT(now producers of Dallas) or AMC(Mad Men) joined the trend.
The Internet more or less seems to follow the same trend. Of course for big retailers like Amazon producing their own content is not a necessity, but for smaller brands every bit of original content posted on the Internet can mean new fans.
Let’s examine a little bit what are the options in the space of original video content for the Internet:

  • Webcasts – online transmissions of actual live events.
  • Webisodes – short episodes (usually few minutes) connected to TV series like Stargate, Lost, etc.
  • Short video clips – you all know what YouTube offers you. Also any respected singer, band, brand offers you a collection of its best videos. It is even recommended to put full HD tunes online.
  • Videoblogs -The video alternative to blogging.
  • Series – These are not yet on par with the TV ones, but they are definitely growing.
  • Animation – Here there is a lot of space for growth. Especially since short clips are always redistributed and almost always viral.
  • We already have more content online than we have on traditional TV. The beauty of it comes from the fact that it’s available to watch at any time (except for the webcasts, of course). Since we are witnessing a shift in advertising funds towards the Internet, we should be prepared for even more original content. In the next weeks we will present you several companies that are focused around building great Original Video Content for the Internet.

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