Goodbye my friend, it’s hard to die – The Death of Mobile Flash

It’s almost one week and it’s hard to realize that the inevitable eventually happened. And it happened sooner than many would have tought it would happen. It was just common sense that in order to escape from mobile development hell, one would have dump the may platforms like Flash, J2ME, and so on, and focus on a single platform: HTML 5. Of course we are only talking about development packages here, not about operating systems, but the thinking should be the same: when having to deal with thousands of devices and configurations, it’s best to keep things simple and open-source. This is the single most important reason why HTML 5 won the hearts of many so fast.

Adobe took this decision in order to focus on mobile HTML 5. They already made a Flash like interface for one of their products: Edge. Adobe Edge has all the bells and whistles that once belonged to Flash: elements, object, stage, timelines, triggers, events, transitions, etc, all of them implemented in native JavaScript. It’s not too late for them to win this market. In fact if done right, Edge has the chance to provide the same web domination Adobe used to have with Flash several years ago. It’s just that unlike Flash in the early 2000s, this tool has a lot of competition from simple libraries like JQuery (which it already integrates quite nicely), D3, Popcorn, and many others. But by far, from a developer’s point of view, the biggest competitor is one that has not yet been released, and it’s not really focused on animations: Yahoo! Mojito, a tool that allows you to write the same code for server and client, a promise that is still the Grail for web applications, even tough it’s already several decades old. The Write Once, Run Anywhere has been the Java mantra for almost two decades, but Flash was the only technology to provide it for real. Today, by giving the mobile Flash the axe, Adobe will join a dying Yahoo! in the quest for the new web domination.

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