Goodbye my friend, it’s hard to die: Part 2 – Flex goes open source

Adobe returns with another shocking news: Flex, another Flash product, goes open source. It will be continued by the Apache Foundation. While this might be a smart move, it clearly signals Adobe’s intentions to move out of the Flash ecosystem.

Once the only platform that allowed use to write once, run anywhere, the Flash ecosystem had several great tools:

  • the Flash Player – usually an Active X browser plug-in or a simple plug-in for any browser.
  • the mobile Flash Player – the mobile version of the player.
  • the Adobe Flash editor – the tool that allowed you to author Flash content and create swf files
  • Flex – an Eclipse-based Rich Internet Applications (RIA) editor that offered controls similar to those used to author desktop applications
  • Flash Catalyst – a tool for creating advanced GUIs for RIA
  • Flash Media Server – a server for delivering media content
  • DRM and codecs – were necessary to deliver video through Flash
  • A series of products like Flash Paper and others
  • A series of Flash-like products, decompilers, and RIA tools inspired by Flash which are used to output content into swf files.
  • Now that at least 2 major components are discontinued, the faith of the whole ecosystem is in doubt. This can be the beginning of the end for the Flash ecosystem, but for all the programmers who worked with Flash, the time is not lost. Many of the features introduced in HTML 5 were inspired by Flash, so this new technology is not only the deathly enemy of Flash, but also it’s true heir. If you ever wondered why HTML 5 it’s called like that since most of the new features are in JavaScript, rather than in the new HTML 5 tags, than you are already in the HTML 5 developer’s club and you know that the most important part of the new specs is JavaScript which was the basis for Flash’s ActionScript (as ECMAScript specification).

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