Comics and Spielberg [Best Movies of 2011]

This is the third article in the series about the best movies of 2011.
The time when Jack Kirby or Stan Lee were kings of the comics is gone, but their legacy will always be present on our screens. The reason is simple: as long as the studios will have the rights to their characters they will need to make movies otherwise they will loose their rights. This is why we will always have Batman or Hulk reboots.
Thor by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby was given a new life with the help of Kenneth Branaugh, famous for the huge number of Shakespeare adaptation. The Norse god is the hero of the best comics adaptation of the year. The cast was almost perfect (Chris Hemsworth as Thors, Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Natalie Portman as Thor’s love interest, and so on) and the 3D spectacular (not Hugo level, but still convincing). The 3D fights have been a delight. The only minus comes from the love story, but it’s hard to present everything in 2 hours and still be convincing. Choosing an almost unknown actor for this part was a trick that worked. We are eagerly waiting for The Avengers as Loki, Thor’s evil brother will be back on top form.

Jack Kirby’s other famous creation, Captain America shined only because of special effects and some veteran actors like Stanley Tucci and Tommy Lee Jones, while X-Men: First Class will be remembered primarily because it was one of the 4 Michael Fassbender movies that were launched this year.
The Adventures of TinTin: The Secret of The Unicorn is another 3D marvel. The Herge comics adapted by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are the first serious attempt at a 3D motion-capture done by 2 great directors/producers. The next movie in the series will likely be directed by Peter Jackson. Herge himself appointed Spielberg to adapt his series after The Raiders of The Lost Ark was compared to his books. He made no mistake, but of course given the different medium, Tintin is not exactly the one from the comic books. The adaptation is not a page to page translation like the French movies that feature another similar hero: Corto Maltese (I really want to see a Corto Maltese movie done by Spielberg, but this is unlikely to happen). No spoilers here! It’s best to see it as it is! Daniel Craig steals the movie.

We can not say anything about War Hero yet, since we haven’t seen it (will be launched by Christmas), but the trailer looks great. It’s definitely one of the best movies of the year. Might even steal the cinematography prize from Hugo, even tough it’s unlikely.

Since we mentioned Spielberg you should also see another movie he produced: Super 8. Maybe J.J. Abrams ruined the ending by doing it an E.T. homage, but the movie is still easily one of the top 20 movies done this year. No spoilers on this one, as it really is best to see it when you don’t know what happens.

I know apparently you don’t see any connection between the movies that we mentioned except for the fact that some of them are based on comics, and the other ones have something to do with Spielberg, but Spielberg and comics always wanted to bring to light the best of us. And both try to speak to all audiences, from 5 to 500 years.

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