A Golden Age – Sustainable living, space and other frontiers

A thousand years from now people will most likely remember this year, and this last week in particular, not for the Facebook IPO or Zuckerberg’s wedding, but for the successful launch of the first private space flight: Space X Dragon. Ten years since its launch, the company of Elon Musk, former co-founder of PayPal, managed to launch the first private capsule without men on board into space. Another PayPal Mafia member, Peter Thiel, has gone on to fund floating islands. Others have launched hundreds of companies. More than any other company’s former founders or employees, the ones that came from PayPal know how to make a stand and create something beautiful. Aim for the stars seems to be their motto. This generation of dreamers more than anything, has created something that their parents hardly dreamt of. We are not that far from Gerard O’Neill’s famous space colonies, even tough many will say we don’t need them. That’s up for debate. What I admire most about Elon Musk is his vision, his ability to fight for his dreams and to follow them to the stars if needed. He is not the rock superstar that Steve Jobs was, but he is able to create and sustain billion dollar ideas out of thin air. Solar City aims to provide energy from sustainable sources to home owners, Tesla Motors will start selling electric sports car, and Space X will reach for the stars. If anything, Musk is not the new Tesla, or Jobs, but a man who can easily act as both of them, which is a rare feat in itself. It is nice to see us going back to space and resurrect dreams from the ’60s or ’70s. It almost feels like a new Golden Age. I only wonder how long will it take this time? 10? 20? 30 years? 30 days? Because if we can be sure of something in today’s world, then we can easily be sure of the fact that golden ages don’t last long.
Elon Musk
As other companies led by such luminaries as Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame, or Richard Branson of Virgin fame will follow, we feel a new shift is approaching. This shift will give wings to teenagers. They will no longer dream to be just computer geeks, but hopefully will go back to hard engineering, physics and drawing boards to finally create the world their parents dreamed of. Should we move to Florida instead of Silicon Valley? I mean, of course maybe they will not move here to work for NASA, but these space companies will provide the next gold rush. A gold rush of gargantuan proportion that is, because now we are talking about the whole space: asteroid mining (gold anyone?), terraformations, space hotels, space colonies and all the other things we barely dared to dream about. Buy your house now, as tomorrow it might be too late or too expensive. Welcome to Space!

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