www.Macoway.com is noble business, and we would like to keep it like that.
This business is noble because it welcomes and tries to raise everybody, form small to big companies.
But we avoid being a content/link farm. The simple rules You must be aware and respect are:
  • Do not submit websites to the Keywords Advertising Platform, just for "testing" or spamming. www.Macoway.com is a sponsored platform. We will keep track of registrations that show no real intention of a investment. Please use the Free Sections of www.Macoway.com (Free Classifieds, Social Network...). We would not promote, expose, and deliver any possible free created content. Our Due is to expose all the sponsored registrations, but also to keep the site free of spam, false accounts, false information, informational pollution, that will only be recorded and eventually forwarded to the authorities. When buying Keywords/Phrases please be aware that you will be fully responsible for the legal copyrights on the Terms You will use and the materials (texts, photos, videos, maps ...) you post on profiles and cause any conflict, will be forwarded to You. www.Macoway.com tries to keep its content clear, real, original, useful, for anybody, and recommends all its users to choose the keywords/phrases, and the attached websites/blogs or other online content with care, and they must be aware that they are really seeking to be found on those searches globally and the materials they use to make the promotion more effective is relevant, useful, spam free and is not breaking copyright or intellectual property rules of any kind. It is strongly forbidden to post any kind of media or texts containing: 1. Explicit nudity/pornography/adult entertainment (you might be able to promote adult websites, but there is absolutely no allowance for content that is forbidden globally for users/visitors under 18 years of age. 2. It is strongly forbidden to post aggressive, terrorism, vandalism content, and any of the unveiled violence/abusive themes/media/content will be automatically forwarded to the Authorities. 3. Do not buy any keyword, phrase or character that is not related to your website. You may own a website that is not found by search engines because it was inadequately created /programmed by someone else. The Owner of the Keywords is solely responsible for the accuracy, relevance and use of the search results he buys. Our system will detect in REAL TIME (e.g. every second) the text relevancy of your website, and will try to inform you of possible improvements you may be able to make to your site, to be more relevant, even get it higher ranked in search engines. Our mission is to advertise, but also to make website owners aware of the "Relevancy" of their website, and also to eliminate redundant information, grammar mistakes, logical tautologies, spam, and all other kinds of information pollution that is making too much noise over the whole internet. 4. The Information You Register with us is saved, backed-up, and will be deleted definitely on your demand. We keep track of some of our users’ activity, and try to combine the advertisements target with our own protection and possible spam/hack/flood attacks. Therefore, we will back up every information even every minute, but it will never be forwarded to any third party, or used for sending spam, or estranged for any mean reason that could lower people's trust in www.Macoway.com, which is your ally, friend and partner, and tries to protect Your information, Promote Your Business/Websites using the algorithms and options that suit you the best, and make the most of your exposure. (E.g. we might try to show your ads on the profiles of other companies from your country, or on free mixed classifieds, or semantic close related webpages or internal sections on www.Macoway.com. You must be aware from the start, that our promise is to deliver advertisements dynamically on changing algorithms and exposure times/countries/themes/peoples interest. As long as You are gradually exposed to more and more real targeted visitors and potential customers, your advertising costs will be constant. Without limiting or charging for every unique visitor or impression, we hope to give You an alternative online advertising solution, that works for You. Let us know about your experience, dissatisfactions, suggestions, and impressions so we can improve the targeting/delivery of Your advertisements. 5. www.Macoway.com is a commercial website, it's main purpose is to address the business activities and business people and to offer them the perfect environment for growing easy and with cost control and transparent rules, results, effects and earnings. It might seem like a simple web directory, or a simple, usual classifieds website or social network, but if you take 1 - 3 days to study it, it will reveal the most dynamic, constantly and quickly enough adapting, learning and interactive solution for Your Business or any other Subject / Theme You decide to "make famous on the internet".

    This Platform tries to organize your TIME more efficiently on the internet, and works for You, learns and creates algorithms that will make You get the most of Your Time and Money Investment. We would be glad if You would spend Your time on our website, although we really try to give You through our dynamic, evolving information architecture, as much free time and leisure opportunities as You will have to spend the minimum amount of time in upgrading, taking actions, trying on your time and effort to be popular on the internet. Our task is to deliver You more and more free time, and in the time You spend doing your preferred activities, www.Macoway.com will work for You automatically, dynamic and transparent.

    www.macoway.com reserves the right to select and manually filter the registered websites, to retain as penalty for the already made payments for the websites that have no connection whatsoever with the bought search and to eliminate through temporary or permanent ban companies, websites or website owners who are excesivelly late to pay the advertising services once they have registered on our platform